Named an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society in 2005, the entire Gibson property consists of about 6,000 acres of reservoir, ponds, and wetlands. Gibson Lake itself is a 3,000-acre cooling reservoir with a surrounding levee and a 2-mile-long breakwater down the center. Because the warm water discharge keeps the lake from freezing in the winter, it often accumulates thousands of ducks and geese when the local lakes freeze. Located near the Wabash River on IN S.R. 64 west of Princeton, the habitat features a 160-acre wetland wildlife viewing area, a photographic blind, and two hiking trails near the Duke Energy main entrance.

Start by entering on CR 950 W for SR-64. When you reach the fork in the road, go left onto CR 975 W. Continue to follow this road as it curves around and becomes CR 850 W. After passing the closed Fishing Area, take the next right (west) onto CR 100 S (also known as Skelton Road). Take the second available left (south) this is CR 1075 W. This area is Cane Ridge Wildlife Area. There is an observation tower that is a great place to view the wetlands from. Take the next right (west) onto CR 250 S. There is no road sign here. Take the next right (north) onto CR 1200 W. Then take a left (west) onto CR 175 S and a right (north) onto CR 1300 W. Turn right (east) onto CR 100 S. Take the next unnamed road on the left. Follow this through the riparian habitat and follow it as it curves to the right. This road will take you back to SR-64.